Interview Tips for New Immigrants

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August 30, 2022

An interview is a major component of the recruitment process in North America. Most people have some degree of pre-interview jitters. Now imagine that you’ve just arrived in a new country seeking employment. For recent immigrants, the usual nerves associated with a job interview may be compounded by additional pressure to succeed in the country you now call home.

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Ready to dive into Interviewing 101? Whether you go the traditional route or choose to break the mould with FindWRK, we’ve got you covered! Check out these proven interview tips for new immigrants which includes common interview questions and how best to respond.

Top Three Interview Tips for New Immigrants

Interview Tips for New Immigrants #1: Learn About the Company

Learning about the company is always a good idea! In a formalized interview process, you can incorporate this information into your answers and save questions for the end. Sharing your existing knowledge about the company and asking for more details is a clear sign of respect. 

When an employer opens up the conversation with an open position, feel free to ask away. Although you may not have the opportunity to research the company in advance, your curiosity will convey genuine interest. It will also help you to determine the fit. After all, you’re not just looking for any job, you want the right job! 

Interview Tips for New Immigrants #2: Sell Yourself 

It may sound trite, but self-promotion (with a healthy dose of humility) never goes out of style. Don’t be afraid to highlight the achievements and unique skill set outlined in your resume or customized profile. Employers expect job seekers to sell themselves and need to understand your true worth in order to make the hire. 

Take the time to brainstorm in advance and create a list of your best (and most honest) qualities and the professional accomplishments which you take pride in and which best showcase your skills. Real-life examples also help ‘show’ instead of ‘tell’. And remember, new Canadians bring just as much value to the company as any other candidate. Be prepared to shine!

Interview Tips for New Immigrants #3: Discover Your Purpose

Everyone can benefit from some down time to recharge. By taking a moment to relax and calm the nerves before interacting with a potential employer, you will increase your ability to communicate in a steady, self-assured manner. This can be said of both a formal interview scenario and a more casual ‘getting to know you’ conversation. 

You may want to develop a daily mindfulness practice to help center yourself on a regular basis. You can even try a box breathing exercise to help calm your nerves which involves four basic steps, each of which lasting four seconds: breathing in, holding the  breath, breathing out, and holding the breath.

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Common Interview Questions for New Immigrants

Here are a few common interview questions to consider ahead of time adapted from the article Job Interview Questions in Canada. Regardless of venue or communication method, these hot topics are bound to surface in one way or another. 

  • Tell me about yourself – Use this opportunity to briefly highlight the main points of your resume or customized profile. It’s also a chance to start building a real human connection. 

  • Why should we hire you? – This is the time to elaborate on your skill set and accomplishments, while including real-life examples of success. Soft skills like emotional intelligence and adaptability are also welcome.

  • How long would you stay with us? – Make sure to emphasize your long-term career goals and intention to settle in Canada permanently.

  • What is your greatest weakness? – Be honest but don’t disqualify yourself for the position. Choose a genuine area for improvement and discuss how you intend to address it. For example, “I am taking newcomer computer classes to learn more about workplace technology.”

  • How do you resolve conflict on the job? – Always convey respect for your potential co-workers when answering this question. You could say, for instance, that one-on-one communication is a better way to resolve personal conflict than airing concerns in public. 

The Takeaway

New immigrants are faced with a variety of different options when it comes to the great Canadian job search. As outlined, formal interviews are usually a prime determinant of employment. And then, there’s FindWRK. We streamline the recruitment process to put you in the driver’s seat. If you’re looking for an alternative platform with a focus on real, human connection, give us a try. Here’s how it works:

  • Create a personal profile and upload your skills

  • Set your working radius to your desired geographical location

  • Wait for employers to reach out with job opportunities 

  • Find the right fit and start working!

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