Need to Get a Job in Canada as a New Immigrant?

FindWRK Team

Categories: New Canadians

August 30, 2022

New immigrants on the job hunt often use standard recruitment methods but there is a better way. A Canadian newcomer would typically be advised to do the following: create a resume, develop an online presence, access networking opportunities, research interview tips, and apply for jobs on standard sites like Indeed and LinkedIn

But wait a minute, who says that finding jobs in Canada for immigrants is a one-way street? Do job seekers need to conform to traditional methods? 

At FindWRK, we understand the importance of real human connection, as opposed to artificial intelligence. Our innovative platform is focused on relationship building - matching the right person to the right job. Here’s why FindWRK is the faster, simpler, and more efficient way for new Canadians to get a job.

Jobs in Canada for Immigrants: The FindWRK Difference

Resume vs. Profile

During a traditional job search, candidates are required to submit a resume highlighting personal employment experience. In order to advance in the competition (and receive consideration by an actual human being), your resume must first pass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This means that key words and phrases from the job posting are strategically incorporated into the resume. This sounds complicated right? 

FindWRK saves precious time with an easy, straightforward application process. Rather than continually updating your resume for each new job that comes along, all you need is your profile to showcase your unique skill set. No more bending over backwards to fit a certain mould. With a FindWRK profile, you can be yourself and feel free to find a job in a more effective way!

Tip: If you want to learn more about Applicant Tracking Systems and how they work then check out our article on What is an Applicant Tracking System and How Do I Beat the Bots?

Traditional Networking vs. Human Connection

As a recent immigrant to Canada, the prospect of developing connections in a new country may feel overwhelming. Where do you begin? FindWRK takes an organic approach to human connection that eliminates the need for traditional networking strategies. There are many different jobs in Canada for immigrants and we’re here to help you find the right one.

When you complete a FindWRK profile, you control the parameters. Want to amplify your personal brand? Include a professional photo and link to other online accounts. Not a fan of social media or invasive tactics? Not a problem! Simply upload your skills and wait for potential employers to reach out with opportunities. The power of employment is firmly within your grasp.

Standard Sites vs. FindWRK

The job search is a means to an end. While jobs in Canada for immigrants are plentiful, finding the right job is like finding a needle in a haystack. Standard employment sites focus primarily on the recruitment process itself. At FindWRK, we’re committed to the worker’s journey. Our platform matches suitable candidates with interested employers to initiate open, two-way communication – the right person for the right job. Take charge of your job search and sign up for FindWRK today!